Shake Roofs

Reasons To Choose Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofs are popular roofing options because of their beautiful aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency since wood is a natural insulator. Shake roofing is also very storm resistance, a must have when living in St. Louis. When properly installed and maintained, cedar shake roofing can also add resale value to your home.

Our trained, knowledgeable roofing contractors can help guide you through the options for Cedar Shake Roofing, including selecting the grade for your shakes that suits your home and budget.  Our team will then install your shake roof to last, ensuring the edge and spacing of the cedar shakes is done correctly for your roof to last.

Our team an also assist with shake roof maintenance and cleaning, to prevent mold, mildew or algae growth; protecting your investment. Contact our team today for a free roof assessment.

Signs Your Roof May Need Repair or Replacement include:
Water Leaks
Missing Shakes
Mold, Algae or Mildew Growth
Loose roof sheathing nails

Whether you need a minor repair, regular maintenance or a brand new shake roof on your home or business, West County Roofing & Construction’s experienced contractors have you covered. We abide by the rules and suggestions of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau’s (CSSB) guidelines and standards for shake roofs and shake roof installation, as outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report. These guidelines were implemented to maximize the usable life of your shake roof, and West County Roofing & Construction has the expertise installing Shake Roofs to do exactly that.

Benefits of a New Shake Roof

Protecting the interior of your building from water or other damage
Increasing the value of your property with a beautiful aesthetic
Providing a safe and protected living or work environment for family or employees
Supporting and boosting your personal or business’s status and reputation
Fostering public confidence in your family or business
Fostering public confidence in your family or business
Protecting the interior of your building from water or other damage

The Shake Roof Specialists

West County Roofing has over 15 years of professional experience providing reliable roofing solutions for residential and commercial buildings with cedar shake roofs. We can provide you an accurate assessment of your roof, and provide you thorough explanations of the best roofing options to for the look and budget you desire.

Our services include:
Expert new shake roof installation
Thorough and reliable shake roof repair
Regularly scheduled shake roof maintenance programs

Because of inherent structural differences, every shake roof will have unique needs. A correctly installed Cedar Shake Roof can be a beautiful sight on a home or business.

Shake roof installation begins a outfitted properly installed roof deck ready for sheathing. Our experienced roofers will then typically apply cedar or synthetic shakes to ¾” thick plywood for ideal nail performance, followed by coating the entire roof deck with 30-pound roofing felt as recommended by the USDA. A layer of felt will be folded over the top of the ridge, where the two planes of your roof meet, and another layer will be interlaid with your cedar or synthetic shakes.

Our roofing professional will then proceed with the shake roof installation, ensuring 1/2″ edging along the lower edge of your roof. We will correctly space the shakes between 3/8″ to 5/8″, depending on the moisture conditions on the day of installation. This will help ensure proper fit , design, and longevity for your shake roof. We will make sure your roof is ready to withstand St. Louis rain, wind and ice.

Contact us today to schedule a free roofing consultation and receive a no-obligation estimate for a new shake roof, or existing shake roof repair. 

Our Preferred Shake Roofing Products

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Storm, Wind, Ice or Hail Damage

Proper installation and maintenance of a shake roof can help protect your home or business from St. Louis weather, including storm, wind, ice or hail damage. Cedar shakes can become brittle as they age, but proper maintenance with cleaning and refinishing can help provide better longevity for your shake roof.

Have a roof leak or existing roof damage? We are expert leak finders! We can find and assess any damage to your roof or siding, and provide you a no obligation quote and explanation of what is needed to fix the problem, before it causes additional damage to your home or business.

When West County Roofing undertakes a shake roof installation or repair on your residential or commercial building, the cedar or synthetic shakes form a water-tight barrier above your roofing structure. Water can then flow from your roof into gutters without causing damage to your structure or foundation.
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Our 2nd generation family-owned-and-operated business is here to help you accurately determine your shingle roof needs. 

Whether that’s setting up a regularly scheduled roof maintenance program, carrying out one-time or periodic roofing repairs for a leak or other damage, or installing a completely new roofing system, West County Roofing is here to help. 

West County Roofing is located in Ellisville, MO, and as your neighbor, we proudly service the greater St. Louis area including Ballwin, Ladue, Town & Country, Frontenac, Crestwood, Wildwood, Brentwood, Arnold, Kirkwood, Clayton, Valley Park, University City, Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, Arnold, Fenton, Florissant, Hazelwood, and beyond. You can count on West County Roofing to deliver roofing solutions that exceed your expectations at affordable prices.

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