Shingle Roofs

Reasons To Choose A Shingle Roof

Shingles are both durable and affordable, plus they can be installed on almost every type of structure, making them the most popular roofing material options for residential and commercial structures across the country. Here at West County Roofing & Construction, we are shingle roof experts. Whether you need a new shingle roof installed, a shingle roof repair, or just some minor roof maintenance, our experienced, professional roofing contractors have you covered.

Not sure if a shingle roof is right for your home or business? We are happy to come to do a no cost, no obligation assessment. Mike and our team can guide you though the many roofing options available, including shingle, asphalt, metal, shake and more. We can help you determine what roof type is best for the roof appearance and budget you desire.

Some signs your Shingle Roof needs repair or maintenance include:

Curled edges
Missing color granules
Cupped shingle tabs
Shingles that are buckling
Loose roof sheathing nails

Other signs your building may need a new shingle roof installation are dark streaks caused by airborne algae and an overgrowth of moss. West County Roofing has over 15 years of experience replacing shingle roofs in the St. Louis area. We are happy to help resolve your roofing issues by providing reliable and affordable roofing solutions.

There are several reasons your residential or commercial shingle roof may need replacing. Unfortunately, if any of these reasons go unaddressed, even minor roof issues can significantly impact and damage other areas of your building.

Have a leak on your shingle roof? We are expert leak finders! Worn out or poorly installed shingles can be a source of water leaks on roofs, leading to interior water damage and potential structural damage, which could be unsafe. Even minor roof issues can significantly impact and damage other areas of your building. We can help you determine if roof maintenance, repair or replacement is needed, and give you an honest, up front, no obligation assessment of your roofs needs.

Our Preferred Shingle Roofing Products

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GAF Roofing
CertainTeed Saint-Gobain Roofing
Owens Corning Roofing
Iko Roofing

The Shingle Roof Specialists

West County Roofing has over 15 years of professional experience providing reliable roofing solutions for residential and commercial buildings with shingle roofs. We can assess your building accurately and identify the correct roofing solutions.

Our services include:
Expert new shingle roof installation
Thorough and reliable shingle roof repair
Regularly scheduled shingle roof maintenance programs

Because of inherent structural differences, every shingle-roofed building will have unique roofing needs. We can provide a thorough and reliable roof assessment and discuss our findings with you honestly and clearly. We’ll discuss various options and provide you with an accurate and reliable estimate of your roof shingle installation costs. We treat every roofing project as if it were our own building.

Contact us today to schedule a free roofing consultation and receive a no-obligation estimate.

Benefits of a New Shingle Roof

Protecting the interior of your building from water or other damage
Increasing the value of your residential or commercial property
Providing a safe and protected living or work environment for family or employees
Supporting and boosting your personal or business’s status and reputation
Fostering public confidence in your family or business
Fostering public confidence in your family or business
Protecting the interior of your building from water or other damage

Why choose West County Roofing? We treat your home like it's our own!

Our 2nd generation family-owned-and-operated business is here to help you accurately determine your shingle roof needs. 

Whether that’s setting up a regularly scheduled roof maintenance program, carrying out one-time or periodic roofing repairs for a leak or other damage, or installing a completely new roofing system, West County Roofing is here to help. 

West County Roofing is located in Ellisville, MO, and as your neighbor, we proudly service the greater St. Louis area including Ballwin, Ladue, Town & Country, Frontenac, Crestwood, Wildwood, Brentwood, Arnold, Kirkwood, Clayton, Valley Park, University City, Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, Arnold, Fenton, Florissant, Hazelwood, and beyond. You can count on West County Roofing to deliver roofing solutions that exceed your expectations at affordable prices.

Call us for your residential or commercial shingle roof assessment today.

Storm, Wind, Ice or Hail Damage

Proper installation and maintenance of a shingle roof can help protect your home or business from St. Louis weather, including storm, wind, ice or hail damage. We can expertly install your roof to last, and perform regular maintenance to provide better longevity for your roof.

Have a roof leak or existing roof damage? We are expert leak finders! We can find and assess any damage to your roof or siding, and provide you a no obligation quote and explanation of what is needed to fix the problem, before it causes additional damage to your home or business.

When West County Roofing undertakes a shingle roof installation or repair on your residential or commercial building, the shingles form a water-tight barrier above your roofing structure. Water can then flow from your roof into gutters without causing damage to your structure or foundation.

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