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As commercial roof maintenance and roof replacement experts, West County Roofing & Construction strongly recommends investing in a regularly scheduled roof maintenance program for your commercial buildings. Well-maintained commercial roofs have numerous benefits, including longevity and improved protection against water damage and environmental conditions such as extreme heat and storms. Regular commercial roof maintenance adds significant savings to your bottom line.

Ask us about our commercial roof maintenance programs. With over decades of experience repairing, replacing, and maintaining St. Louis area commercial roofs, we can share a great deal of expertise with you and your business operations managers. You can trust our Five Star Google Rating, earned for our honest and reliable commercial roofing practices. Based in Ballwin, MO, we proudly service St. Louis, Wildwood, Chesterfield, Ellisville, Ladue, Town and Country, Frontenac and beyond. 

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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

Your business’s commercial buildings are one of your most important and valuable assets, and their roof systems, one of their key elements. Knowing some of the causes that risk the health of your commercial building’s roofs should therefore be something every business owner or manager takes seriously.

Excess Foot Traffic

When numerous people are working on your roof, damage to the roof membrane can occur. We recommend implementing strict protocols for walking on the roof that include:

  • Equipping high-traffic areas with adequate walkway pads
  • Training all personnel with roof access, including HVAC and plumbing technicians

Schedule a West County Roofing maintenance visit after any visits by other tradespeople. We can safely conduct a thorough inspection of the roof for any sharp debris left behind that could damage your roof. If you have new piping or wiring installed through your roof, we will ensure that all holes are properly patched.

TPO Burnout

Although TPO is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for many building owners, research shows that TPO can experience warping, shrinking, flaking, and peeling along its seams. With regular maintenance, West County Roofing can help prolong the life of your TPO-covered roof and save you money on your initial investment.

Ponding Water

When TPO or other flat roofing materials have insufficient drainage caused by clogged drains from debris or poor installation, ponding water can gather. If this water sits for long periods over the top of seams, the TPO roofing system can degrade, leading to extensive water infiltration. West County Roofing can assess the damage and provide honest recommendations for solutions.

Grease Traps

Improper access and emptying of rooftop grease traps is too often a cause of damage to your commercial roof. As part of our maintenance program, West County Roofing will patch up around them. Educating staff on proper disposal procedures will save you money.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips & Benefits

At West County Roofing, we care about maintaining the health of your business’s operations and have the expertise to do so with little to no disruption. We get the job done right—on time and on budget. Trust the most reliable commercial roofing contractors in St. Louis and the greater St. Louis area.

Prevention Saves Money

Like the regular tune-ups you likely schedule for your business vehicles, preventive commercial roof maintenance involves finding and repairing minor problems before they cause extensive damage. A well-maintained commercial roof has many benefits and can save your business significant amounts of money by:

Eliminating premature roof failure
Reducing the likelihood of a chronic water leak
Increasing the roof’s lifespan to delay a complete roof replacement
Keeping business inventory safe
Keeping employees safe from “slip-and-fall” situations
Dry Insulation

West County Roofing can also help your business save money by keeping your roof’s underlay of insulation dry and working effectively. Long-term moisture in your roofing structure’s thermal envelope can cause extensive damage. We use state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to discover and diagnose this issue.

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