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Reasons To Choose Metal Roofing for Your St. Louis Business

Metal roofing is an excellent option for your St. Louis business. Metal roofs are a great choice for commercial buildings due to their strength, unrivaled durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Metal roofs, when installed and maintained correctly, can last two to three times longer than other roofing systems. 

Metal roofs reflect much of the sun’s UV rays, making them an energy efficient alternative to shingle roofs, while providing a much longer life span for your residential or commercial building.

Metal roofs are unique. Our team at West County Roofing can create a roofing plan specific to your structures needs, and has the knowledge and experience to install your metal roof correctly; ensuring you the quality, strength and durability you would expect for your Metal Roof investment.

We can also assist with metal roof maintenance and cleaning, to prevent mold, mildew or algae growth; further protecting your investment and the longevity of your metal roof. Contact us today for a free roof assessment.

Why Metal Roofing might be the perfect choice:
Up to 4X Longer Life Span
Energy Efficiency
Panels Made from 100% Recycled Material
High End Look and Style
Superior Wind, Rain, Hail & Snow Resistance
Stylish Options in a Variety of Colors & Textures
130 MPH Wind Rating
Roof Lifespan up to 50-70 Years

Whether you need a minor repair, regular maintenance or a brand new metal roof on your home or business, West County Roofing & Construction is the premier choice in the greater St. Louis area for metal roof installation.

The Metal Roof Professionals

Our services include:
Metal Roof Installation
Metal Roof Repair
Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal roofs have increased in popularity throughout St. Louis, and across the country, in the last few years due to it’s energy efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. Plus the reasonable cost makes metal roofing an attractive option for many business owners. There are a wide variety of metal roof types including copper, zinc, steel, galvalume and aluminum roofing. These metal panels are very aesthetically appealing, and can come in a variety of looks to mimic other popular roofing materials like shingles, slate, shake, tile and asphalt to help your commercial building stand out with a unique look and style.

Energy efficient metal roofs when installed with the correct coatings, treatment, fasteners, and insulation, reflect the sun which helps them reduce heating costs in the winter, and cooling costs in the summer.  This can help drastically reduce the overall energy costs for a business. Contact our team of roofing professionals today for a free roofing assessment.

Durable metal roofs, although often more expensive up front, have a very long lifespan of up to 50-70 years; and even longer when your roof is properly maintained. Compared to other roofing materials with a lifespan averaging 20-30 years.

A correctly installed Metal Roof can be both stunning and built to last for decades to come. Every business has structural differences, and every metal installation will have unique needs. West County Roofing can provide you an accurate assessment of your roof, and help determine if a metal roof is the best choice for the aesthetic and budget you desire. Our roofing professionals are ready to guide you through your metal roofing choices, and make sure your roof is ready to withstand the St. Louis rain, wind and ice for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule a free roofing consultation and receive a no-obligation estimate for a new metal roof, or existing metal roof repair. 

Benefits of a New Metal Roof

Protecting the interior of your building from wind, rain and storm damage
Increasing the value of your commercial property
Environmentally friendly recycled metal roofing materials
A roof built to last 50 to 70 years
Give your business a beautiful aesthetic
Fostering public confidence in your business
Protecting the interior of your building from water or other damage

Storm, Wind, Ice or Hail Damage

Proper installation of a metal roof can help protect your business from St. Louis weather, including storm, wind, ice or hail damage. Metal roofs can last for decades with proper maintenance, giving longevity to your investment.

Have a roof leak or existing roof damage? We are expert leak finders! We can find and assess any damage to your roof or siding, and provide you a no obligation quote and explanation of what is needed to fix the problem, before it causes additional damage to your business.

When West County Roofing undertakes a metal roof installation or repair on your commercial building we ensure your metal roof forms a water-tight barrier above your structure preventing damage to your building and foundation.

Our Preferred Metal Roofing Products

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West County Roofing & Construction

Why choose West County Roofing?

West County Roofing & Construction is here to help you accurately determine your metal roof needs. Whether that’s setting up a regularly scheduled roof maintenance program, carrying out one-time or periodic roofing repairs for a leak or other damage, or installing a completely new roofing system, we are here to help. 

West County Roofing is located in Ellisville, MO, and as your neighbor, we proudly service the greater St. Louis area including Ballwin, Ladue, Town & Country, Frontenac, Crestwood, Wildwood, Brentwood, Arnold, Kirkwood, Clayton, Valley Park, University City, Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, Arnold, Fenton, Florissant, Hazelwood, Afton and beyond. You can count on us to deliver roofing solutions that exceed your expectations at affordable prices.

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